Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I learned at our local conference.

Wow. What a weekend. Awesome food, drink and conversation. I love attending our local conference in the Phoenix, Arizona area. In between networking, meeting author authors, whether published or not, editors, agents and attending workshops, getting any sleep was not a priority. But realistically folks, if you ever have a chance to attend a local or regional conference, go for it. I find it way less intimidating than going to a national conference and meeting people in the industry seems to just be easier. Just a word of caution. It is still not acceptable to slip a manuscript under the bathroom stall, and um, agents and editors are more approachable AFTER a visit to the bathroom.

Here are a few things I came away with from Desert Dreams.

1) Paranormals and Inspirationals are still the trend.
2) Editors and agents disagreed on query letters. Agents primarily read them to get a feel for the book and the author. Editors went straight for the manuscript.
3) Both editors and agents agreed that the first 10 pages are key. If you don’t hook them then, you’ll get a rejection letter. However, some were more willing to read past those key pages if something intrigued them then others. So make that beginning shine.
4) Editors and agents are looking for a reason to reject you. So don’t give them one. Learn what they want, learn how to spell their name correctly, and always make sure that you send them your best work. Face it. Signing you means work and a relationship for a few years while your project is in the works.
5) Editors and agents want to see that manuscript so submit, submit submit.

All in all, I had a very successful weekend. Now I’m practicing what I learned before I send out that requested manuscript. Because this industry is small and competitive, give your self the advantage. Good luck.



kalea_kane said...

Okay...scratch bathroom. :) Great post!


PamelaTracy said...

kimmy, I'm tagging you :)

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