Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book Recommendation - Writing Romance by Vanessa Grant

Writing Romance by Vanessa Grant, 309 pages
Self-Council Press, 2007
ISBN: 1551807394

If you’re just starting out in the romance genre, Writing Romance is a good place to start. The author, Vanessa Grant, has over 9 million books in print and has written 25 Harlequin romances, so she has the experience and publications to know what she is talking about.

Writing Romance delves into several topics of interest. The author touches on many of the basics regarding telling vs. showing, viewpoint, pacing, plotting and conflict. Ms. Grant uses her own work as examples.

For advanced writers, you might glean some new information, but basically this book is for the beginner. Also, this is specifically tailored for the romance writer. There is also useful information for any genre writer though.

I can see why this title has been updated. This edition includes much more on the internet and its resources.

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