Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Power of Positive Lingerie -
Mary Tate Engels, Boomer on the Web

Sometimes symbols or the mystique of something can influence our thoughts or behavior. The best storytellers seem to incorporate something that could possibly-maybe-perhaps become a reality in the world of the story. That's the beauty of fiction. Anything can happen, if you believe.

Recently at a U of A basketball game, a young woman sang the Star Spangled Banner acapella. Usually, we just listen to the band or group or whoever is singing this routine tune. But this woman's voice was so clear and beautiful that about half-way through, the crowd started singing with her. Spontaneously. From mystique (those of us who can't sing in tune) to reality. We all sang.

Research has shown that the photo of an old-fashioned light bulb makes us think of bright ideas or something new and creative. From image to action.

When I was in Ireland, I fell in love with the handmade Irish lace, so much so that I wanted to put it in a book. The local Irish shops set the reality stage for me – it's a hard sell.  These days, nobody is buying doilies, no matter how intricate and beautiful. One shop was putting snippets of the actual antique lace in note cards as d├ęcor. They weren't flying off the shelf, either.

But what if. . . (cue light bulb) I gave the lace some significance, a myth of magic going back generations? And what if... my characters put this beautiful magical lace on lingerie? And what if that affected people's lives? And so, the power of Amazing Lace took over. Claire, in Claire's Embrace, believed in the power because it originated from her long-deceased mother's hands. Claire's daughter, Brianna, was too modern to believe, until it happened in Secret Embrace. In Embraceable You the townsfolk of Haven's Point were quite doubtful until something magical happened - online. And that impossible-to-sell lace went viral!

Never underestimate the Power of Positive Lingerie - and a good old-fashioned topless style show!

What do you believe? Do you have a favorite shirt, religious symbol, or something special that someone gave you? Maybe from one who is no longer in your life? Or an item that your great-grandmother valued? Something that gives inspiration or encouragement or even… power. What takes you from mystique to reality?


Lara Lacombe said...

What a great idea! Very creative :)

Mary Tate Engels said...

Thanks Lara. There's something wonderful about making the old new again. And online! Hope you enjoy the Irish Hearts trilogy.