Tuesday, October 8, 2013

They're back......

Kim Watters here. They're back. These ugly, bird dropping, leaf eating thugs are here again and have multiplied big time. My kids and pulled off about a dozen of these things off my lemon tree this year. Commonly known as orange dog caterpillars, they love eating citrus leaves. My citrus leaves. So, like last year, being the educational minded parent, we placed 6 of them in an aquarium so my kids can watch their metamorphosis.  Within a few days, they all formed their cocoons, and now we're waiting for the Giant Swallowtail butterflies to emerge.Last year only one emerged. We're hoping for at least two this year.

So what about you? What type of things do you do for your kids? What kind of every day happenings do you make into an educational experience? And for you writers, how many real life incidents make their way into your books? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Mary Tate Engels said...

Kim, what a good mom you are with the learning lesson for your kids. This has to go into a book somehow!
I was intrigued with the hand-made Irish lace in Kenmare when we visited a few years ago. It truly is a dying art. But I dreamed it had special powers & ultimately put it into EMBRACEABLE YOU to bring good things to a dying town in Maine. And oh yes, much more. Nothing is sacred for a writer! My cousin used to say "Don't tell her anything! It'll end up in a book!"
True, so true!