Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Haunting F-Words- Fight, Flight, and Fear of Failure

What's in your Book of Dreams?

Do something that scares you to death – and mark that off your list, so you can move on in your creative journey.

I have this thing about heights. I don't cower in the corner, afraid to look down. Oh no, when I find myself up high, I have a crazy desire to spread my wings and fly off the

On a recent trip to Paris, I decided to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, not for the fabulous views or even to say I've been there. Here was my chance to face my strange fear of flying by going to the top of one of the world's tallest open structures, but what I really wanted to do was to stay grounded in Monet's beautiful gardens in Giverny.

So I battled the crowds to stand in line for a ticket, waited with a milling bunch for the elevator to
the second floor, stood in another line for tickets to the top, not to mention the toilette, where I learned that the Eiffel Tower sways… ever so slightly. In spite of my fears, I just couldn't back out now. We had another wait for the elevator up to the sky-level. By then, I was damned determined to do this, even though I felt dizzy and my palms were sweaty.

Finally… finally, we reached the summit and surged from the elevator to see… a cage.
The entire area where we stood was meshed, enclosed by metal wire preventing any attempt to fly. Apparently others had my same bizarre urge. Encouraging to know.

Saved by the cage, I gripped the top rail with my sweaty palms and viewed Paris at my feet
stretching all the way to the hazy horizon in all directions. It was empowering and beautiful and frightening – everything at the same time! In that moment, I soared to unbelievable heights. I could do anything! Even write a book and release it online.

Sometimes the struggle to get to your destination is more daunting than fear itself. Only by facing
my fears can I say, Do it! Do that thing that scares you to death! It might be tough. You
might not succeed this time, but it can be beautiful, exciting and empowering. And it's what
your hero/heroine must do in order to achieve change and satisfaction.

Being a Boomer on the Web is all those things and more. It involves a change in my whole way of
thinking and especially my knowledge of how to publish a book. But it's also empowering,
now that I've done it. I don't own the world, but I can reach it. And so can you.

I encourage you to do the thing that scares your pants off. Face your fears, whether it's writing a book or song, taking a class, soaring in a glider, or attending the Desert Dreams Writer's Conference in 2014. Try it! Do it! And soar!  No regrets.

My heroine in SECRET EMBRACE escaped to Ireland and took refuge in a job she didn't
particularly like. In the process, Brianna lost sight of her real desire – her love of music. When she
fell in love, she had to fight for the truth and risk it all.

The F-words - flight and fear were her barriers but when she confronted them, she was free to love again and pursue her dreams.

So, grip the rail, open your wings and fly… virtually. You might enjoy the view – and unleash your creativity to new heights.

What's in your Book of Dreams? What's stopping you?
Mary Tate


Link- http://www.amazon.com/Secret-Embrace-Hearts-Series-

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