Friday, July 12, 2013

Spotlighting Sci-Fi Fantasy Author April Reign

April Reign
presented by Connie Flynn

April M. Reign is the bestselling author of The Mancini Saga, The Dhellia Series, The Disciples of the Damned Series and The Turning Series. She started her writing career long before she could read or write. While bundled around a campfire at the beach in Southern California with her family, she'd share stories about sea monsters and land creatures.

In her teenage years, authors such as Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jude Deveraux, Anne Rice and many others were the influence that shaped her career as an author.

April lives in Southern California with her two teenage sons, her attention-seeking cat and the glorious beach, which is almost close enough to be her backyard.

I asked April to tell us what question has she never been asked that she wishes someone would? And she gave us a great answer.

Where do you get your story ideas?

Almost anything and everything sparks a story idea in my mind. Some are good ideas and some are not, but on any given day, I’d say there are at least five (5) consecutive ideas that are sparked by some random event. Then those ideas twist around in my mind, working out the details to assess if I can formulate a solid story plot from that concept.

Because my mind can wrap around anything and start a story idea process, I don’t write in one genre. Being free to write in any genre leaves the door open to almost any idea that may potentially turn into a book.  Is this a good thing? Yes, except when my mind is racing to create a story out of a half-eaten slice of bread left on the counter and an open window, one that I never opened.

By the end of the day, I’m exhausted. When I close my eyes to go to sleep, my mind works the same way while I dream. My dreams have been the plot source of three of my standalone books and I’m sure will be the catalyst for many more.

My writer’s mind never rests. Luckily, I enjoy it!

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April's Latest Release is Hash, Book 1 of the Imprint Trilogy

Every night, Jade is rattled by a recurring dream—a dream that’s as real as the research institute where she lives. When flames fall from the sky and an alien ship crashes into Earth, Jade becomes government property and at the mercy of scientists. After all, she’s imprinted with an intelligent alien metal that could be the answer to all of Earth’s problems.

However, in the wrong hands, the metal implant could become the deadliest weapon known to humankind.

Kept underground for sixteen years, Jade fights to keep her sanity and understand the intelligent organism that is wrapped around her spine. When a new company takes over the science institute, Jade’s alien symbiont warns her of imminent danger.

Then Jade meets Aric, the lone survivor from the spaceship. They form an alliance that will change their personal destiny and they put a plan into motion that will alter the future of mankind. Book One of THE IMPRINT TRILOGY.

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Donald White said...

I also find it refreshing to write in different genres. It keeps my perspectives fresh.

Kevin Skogen said...

I am not a huge fiction reader but HASH has really caught my attention.

Conor J. Caldwell said...

I'm sort of like that too, except I tend to coalesce ideas together until I have something to work with.

Thanks for the guest post!

Shelli Godinho said...

Hash is next on my Reading List.

Connie Flynn said...

April, Welcome to Much Cheaper Than Therapy. Looks like you have some fans and we're happy they stopped by.

April M. Reign said...

You guys and gals made my day!! Thank you for taking the time to read my interview and post a message! I love hearing how others get their story ideas too!

Anonymous said...

All of Aprils Books are outstanding. The different genres make for a unique set of stories and books sure to be great reading! I am half way through HASH and find it fascinating reading!

Paula Hardin said...

Sorry I missed the interview, but I'm here to post to show my support and love to an amazing author. I'd follow you anywhere.. Keep the writing up, your amazing.

Agustin Loya said...

She is a multi-talented author who keeps getting better & better in her craft. The most amazing quality about her work is her ability to continue evolving. Every artist that has staying power has that ability, and April will be significant for as long as she wants to be.

Sandy said...

Love your stories April! Keep up the wonderful writing! So looking forward to reading more from you! Thanks for sharing your immense creativity!

Vincenzo Bilof said...

The synopsis itself is...romantic... dreams, fire, space... I wish I'd written it.