Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Overcoming Fear or Water Park, here we come!

Kim Watters here. Fear is something we all have, some just hide it better than others. Me, I don't hide it very well. But with life, as well as writing, there are some things you just have to do if you want to have fun. So back in March I bought season passes to Wet 'N Wild here in Phoenix. At the time I thought it a great idea. Kids and water in the summer. Me? I'd be in the Wave Pool or floating down the Lazy River. Right. We went on the hottest day of the year with the temps topping out at 119. Lazy River out unless I wanted to fry. Okay, so I'll go on a few rides. Tame rides. Unfortunately, my kids had other ideas. So what's a mom to do? Allow her kids to think she's a chicken? So, I let me talk them into the roller coaster ride. Yes, it is just like it sounds. My heart was pounding, mouth dry, hands clenched as the operator pushed the button that released the raft into the tube. Up, down, all around several times before the last drop into the end. Guess what? It was a blast. I did it again. We then did the Tornado. I called it the toilet bowl, same idea. We dropped down from the tube and slid up the other side, back and forth until dropping into the bottom. Another fun ride. (see the picture) So I conquered my fear of some (but not all) of the rides at the park and can't wait until next time.

The same applies for writing. Are you just going to sit and write and never submit to contests or publishing house? Guess what? You'll never sell that way. So get out of your comfort zone, write, revise and submit. Take a chance. You'll never know how much fun it is until you try it.

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