Wednesday, March 27, 2013

April Writer U classes

MASTER CLASS: From Plot To Finish
by Laurie Schnebly Campbell
April 1-12, 2013
$65 ($60 by check) at

Prerequisite: Must have completed Plotting Via Motivation class worksheets at some point

A continuation of the Plotting-Via-Motivation process, this limited-enrollment group gets every member plotting a brand new book (with the 14-point worksheets already on hand) from start to finish. No need to prepare a story idea, character bios or anything else, because you’ll learn how to plot an entire book -- and actually have it ready to type -- by the end of this hands-on workshop. The two-week session will include:

    * Defining the motivation of each main character
    * Recapping your original 14-point worksheet
    * Completing the new Plot Chart from beginning to end
    * Distributing the highlight scenes through each segment
    * Choosing an outline or a free-flowing format
    * Setting up your book’s unique structure for completion
Laurie Schnebly Campbell ( always finishes a Plotting Via Motivation class wishing for the chance to see what happens to the wonderful stories begun there — and wondering how long it’ll take to see the finished books for sale. So she’s excited about speeding the process along, and getting to watch while the plots and characters take on their full shape.

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INDIE TRACK: Building Your Blog
by Ginger Calem
April 1-26, 2013
$40 ($35 by check) at

So you want to start a blog but you don’t know the difference between a widget and a gravatar. That’s okay! Ginger Calem is living proof that if she can do it, so can you. You will go from “no blog” to “blogger” in 30 days. Through lectures, homework, class discussion, and step-by-step instructions for using WordPress -- the system this class is designed for -- you’ll build  your own blog, customize it, launch it and firmly splash into the blogging waters. (Goggles and floaties are optional.) During the month you’ll learn about:

    * Considering why to blog and whom you want to reach
    * Researching what the “blogs that work” are doing right
    * Choosing your blog’s name and theme so it’s YOU
    * Adding widgets and fun personalization to customize your WordPress blog
    * Management: creating posts, adding images & videos, handling comments
    * Launch: publishing your first blogs, sharing on Facebook & Twitter
    * Tools for moving forward: topics, followers, creating “blog buzz”
Ginger Calem is in hot pursuit of her writing career and has been a presenter at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. When she’s not cavorting with her fictional characters, she’s hanging out with a plethora of awesome people in the Social Media arena. Ginger discovered blogging was a fun way to keep her writing muscle pumped, her creativity unchecked and the best way to interact with readers and writers. She loves it (really) when people visit her blog and hang out with her on twitter @GingerCalem.

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MASTER CLASS: Body Language
by Mary Buckham
April 15-26, 2013
$65 ($60 by check) at

Prerequisite: Must have a manuscript that you are actively working on.
If you think you have a good handle on the intentional body language your characters use on the page but want to create more depth, greater subtext, clearer messages for your readers, then consider EMOTIONAL BODY LANGUAGE. Along with fascinating material like non-verbal greetings and some of the subtle (but oh so fun) differences between the body language of men and that of women, you’ll also learn:

    * The differences between aggressive and defensive body language
    * Dominant and Submissive body signals
    * Negative and positive body messages
    * Open, closed or relaxed positions
    * Power body language and leadership body messages
    * Reading deception through body language
Mary Buckham is the author of WRITING ACTIVE SETTING: Book 1; the best selling book in a three-book series on the craft  of writing and an award-winning romantic suspense author. Currently she presents writing workshops online and nationwide. Mary encourages you to visit her website at for more information about her and her current writing projects including her newest releases!

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