Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Writer U March Classes

I.P. TRACK: Before You Indie-Publish
by Frankie Robertson
March 4-29, 2013
$40 ($35 by check) at

Are you thinking about self-publishing, but not sure it's the right path for you? Have you wondered if "going indie" is worth it? Can it work for "real" people? Frankie Robertson wondered the same thing before plunging into the ever-changing world of indie publishing. She shares her discoveries regarding what to do and how to do it, and gives you guidelines on how to navigate your way through the shifting sands to your goal -- selling lots of books. Through a blend of lectures and optional homework assignments, you'll learn about:

* Why self-publishing makes sense today
* Coping with the shift from traditional to indie publishing
* How to wear two hats: author and publisher
* One exclusive distribution platform vs. many
* Covers, editing and formatting: outsourcing vs. doing it yourself
* Finding a good vendor and how long it all takes
* What really works to get the word out
* Money, personal goals, and measuring success

Frankie Robertson writes paranormal romance and romantic fantasy. She is the author of five titles, four of which are indie-published. In addition to sharing with writing groups the numerous advantages and disadvantages of indie publishing, she's currently developing a non-fiction book about her journey. You can learn more about Frankie and her books at

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