Sunday, November 4, 2012

Protecting the Witness

I have to admit, when I bought this book I wasn't sure I would enjoy it because of the gang activity involved. My grandmother owned a bar in the rough side of Phoenix and I teach in an area where there are gang-related drive-by shootings. So why was it the first book I bought on my Kindle? I wanted to read a selection of books from Harlequin's new Heartwarming series (No sex scenes) and I wanted to support a writer from the Desert Rose Chapter of Romance Writers of America that I joined about ten years ago. Linda is a nice, classy woman, as well as a great writer. I chose to support her.

To my surprise, I was pulled into the story immediately. The story is more about relationships than gangs. Not only the main relationship between the hero and heroine, but the strained relationships she has with her brother, her friends, and her co-workers. I immediately felt for her and wanted her to have that happy ending. Linda did not disappoint.

This is the excerpt from Amazon if you are interested in reading more:

Time Is Running Out…
She had vowed never to return to Houston's crime-riddled East End. But Detective Crista Santiago's promotion to the Chicano Squad has put her right back in the violence of the barrio. Determined to transfer out as fast as possible, Crista first has to prove herself by solving a series of drive-by shootings.
Crista has only one witness—four-year-old Samantha Del Rio. Protecting Samantha becomes Crista's number one priority, which means staying close to the little girl. And her widower father, Alex. But "staying close" soon changes into becoming part of the family. And the more attached Crista becomes to the girl and her father, the more she's afraid she's lost her edge…and her ability to protect the witness.

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