Thursday, June 7, 2012

BootCamp Face to Face Seminar

. . . a full day seminar, taught by Bootcamp for Novelists co-founder and instructor Connie Flynn

WHEN: Saturday, June 23 30, 2012 10am to 5:30pm Doors Open at 9:30am

: Vision Quest Bookstore, 2225 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

When we study novel writing we are forced to break its many elements
into smaller chunks in order to master each of them well enough to write
the powerful stories that are in us. Never is that truer than in the
study of plot and character. You hear writers say things like "I'm a
plot driven writer," or "My stories are driven by character." In the
long run this is impossible. Plots are boring unless we care about the
characters who live them. Characters never show their whole selves
unless pressured by strong plot events. It's a delicate dance that takes
place between plot and character and there are techniques that make the
dance easier to choreograph. This course deals with some of the techniques.

This is a hand-on seminar so come prepared to work. During the day, you
will learn how and why plot and characters move through a story and how
to intertwine them so that the people and events appear real and
natural. At the end of the seminar you will be able to block out a novel
in which characters create plot and plot pressures the characters to
bring about a story resolution that is almost inevitable, but not
necessarily predictable.

The morning session will cover the basics of building the focal
character and discovering how they will drive your story. Next, we'll
learn a four-act structure of loose boxes that define the story and
build its plot arc (defined as the change occurring within a story due
to the characters' decisions). And finally you'll be introduced to the
eight major scenes that will guide your story.

The afternoon session is about techniques to add credibility to your
focal character. You'll study what makes people tick and assign your
character attitudes, perspectives, opinions, and concerns that will help
you know them so well you'll know exactly how they'd react in any situation.

We'll end the day by aligning the eight major scenes to the focal
character's arc (defined as the change in their perspective caused by
the story events). We'll see how events that seem to change the
character are actually a result of the character's decision and how
plot/character integration is a delicate dance between these two.

FEES: $65 prior to June 10 and $80 after June 10. You can remit by
Paypal or contact me for address for mail payment.


9:30 Doors open/check in. Seminar begins.
Module 1: Characters Discovered Module 2: Boxes to Put Them In

1:00 Lunch --- Off-Site

2:30 Seminar resumes.
Module 3: The 8 Major Story Events Module 4: The Glorious Dance

5:30 Seminar Complete

For more information about Bootcamp for Novelists or to register, go to  or contact Connie directly at
--Connie Flynn

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