Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another June Writer U Class

MASTER CLASS: "Editor-Proof That First Chapter"

by Don McNair

June 11-22, 2012

$55 at

Prerequisite: Must have written the first chapter of a finished manuscript on a Work In Progress.

Why did that editor reject your novel? The sad truth? Editors reject most manuscripts after only simply glancing at their first chapters. It's as if their problems were lit with neon. This course will help you spot your own manuscript's problems and-better-yet, help you fix them. Use that rejected "first chapter" as your practice field for identifying and resolving your craft mistakes, then apply your new knowledge to the total manuscript. It will become much more compelling, and hopefully-published! You'll learn how to:

*  Use strong "hooks" that draw attention

* Turn "info dumps" into sparkling, vital prose

* Strengthen verbs and correct passive voice

* Strip away author intrusions and eliminate foggy phrases

* Identify any crippling character filters

* Solve numerous other writing bugaboos

Don McNair spent his working life editing magazines, producing materials for an international PR firm, and heading his own marketing communications firm. Having won the Public Relations Society of America’s Emmy and Oscar equivalents as well as publishing hundreds of magazine articles, five novels and three non-fiction "how-to" books, he now concentrates on editing novels (see and teaching online. See a recent student’s description of her experience in another of Don’s classes, at

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