Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting to Yes

Recently at the Tucson Festival of Books, I sat on a panel called, So You Want To Be A Writer.  I love doing talks like this because I think most writers have a ton of questions and they don't know where to go to get answers.  I tell all new writers that the best thing they can do for their careers is join an organization (whether it's RWA, MWA, Sisters In Crime or a local writers organization) and then get to a conference.  It doesn't matter how big or small, as long as its one that focuses on writers (as opposed to readers).  Reader conferences are great once you get published, but if you want to know what it's really like to be a writer, you need to go someplace where you can ask a writer.

Local conferences are going on from coast to coast, on many continents.  Chances are, there's one in your area soon.  If you're US based, Arizona's Desert Dreams Writers Conference is just around the corner--a great conference with a big bang for the buck.  Live in the south? northwest? east cost?  Writers Conferences are everywhere.  In fact, just google Writers Conferences 2012 and put in your state, and I'm sure you'll find one.

At conferences you hear tips and tricks, get chances to meet face-to-face with editors and agents, as well as learn to hone your craft.  The amount of information you can get about your chosen career is immeasurable. 

Many hopeful writers are under the gross misconception that becoming a published author is a matter of talent.  Yes, talent helps.  But there is so much more that goes in the pot and so many ways to screw up the broth!  If your lifelong goal was any other business, you wouldn't think twice about training, education and seminars, but for some reasons, writers think they should just be able to sit down and do it.  And some can.  But if you're getting rejections and bewildered as to why, maybe it's time to educate yourself.  So no matter what conference you attend, make it a goal to get to one this year!

Erin Quinn will be speaking at Desert Dreams Writers Conference in Scottsdale Arizona, April 27-29, 2012.  More information:  http://www.desertroserwa.org/conferences/Phoenix-Romance-Writers-Conferences.php

And at RWA National Conference in Anaheim, California, July 7-29, 2012.  More information:  http://www.rwa.org/cs/conferences_and_events

Best of luck!


Caris said...

I always enjoy reading your posts! Both my editor, Rose Hilliard of St. Martin's Press, and my agent, Jennifer Schober, will be participating. I can't wait for some hopeful writers to meet these fabulous women and of course to hear the panel you and I will be on with Erin Kellison and Gini Koch.

Looking forward to Desert Dreams!


Marie said...

The Desert Dreams conference is one of my favorites! Wouldn't miss it for the world!


Erin Quinn said...

Caris, can't wait to see you again! So funny that we only get to chat at these types of get togethers. :)

Marie, looking forward to seeing you there!

Kim Watters said...

Can't wait either. This is one conference you don't want to miss and access to editors and agents is so much easier than at the national conference. See you ladies in a few weeks.