Sunday, June 27, 2010

Building Positive Writing Communities

This segment could also be called,
The Power of Paying it Forward
Whenever I clean or get dressed, I listen to books
on Cd's. Recently I was listening to Wayne Dyer.
He shared an interesting point.
It has been proven that when someone
is the recipient of a good deed, that person's
serotonin levels increase making them happy,
AND their immune system improves.
What is even more interesting is the person
who does the good deed also benefits from
an increase in serotonin and an improved
immune system. PLUS, anyone who witnesses
this event will also benefit from the same.
This explains the feelings of happiness I
have noticed at my local RWA chapter meetings.
(Romance Writers of America)
At these meetings, we encourage one another,
share information which helps each
other along our respective career paths, and
applaud each success along the way.
We all know writing has many challenges
which are often depressing.
Many writers will question
if they should continue at some point in
their career.
Remembering what Wayne Dyer has shared is
a good step in the right direction. The more
we share and encourage one another, the
more likely we will all be able to handle the
disappointments when they come our way.
So, I encourage you to give a compliment
every day. If the person you are talking
to is a writer, give them two.
Until Next Week,
Happy Writing!
Tina LaVon

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