Sunday, June 6, 2010

Avatar's Romantic Elements

Warning: Spoil Alert
(I will reveal plot points of the movie.)

Avatar, in my opinion, is a sci-fi/adventure
film with strong romantic elements.
This means the story could still be told
without a hero and heroine falling in love,
but the romance makes it that much better.

Hollywood moviemakers know a good
romance adds depth and
will broaden their audience.

If you write mysteries, sci-fi, westerns, etc.
you can easily add to the appeal of
your novel by adding a romance using
Avatar as an example.

The Romantic Elements of Avatar:

First, we have a hero and heroine who are
attracted to one another. It is basically the
story of two people from opposite sides
of the track. In this case, the track
would be the vast expanse of universe
separating their two planets.

Next, our hero and heroine have an internal
conflicts keeping them apart. He is a spy
invading their culture. She is supposed to marry
a man from her village, plus her people
don’t trust his kind.

Of course, our hero and heroine are thrown
together, learn to like and admire one another,
become close, and then are willing to risk
everything to be together.

Every good romance has a black moment.
Our heroine discovers he is a spy, thus proving
he wasn’t trustworthy in her mind and she wants
nothing to do with him.

He must earn her trust again by defying
his superiors to help save her village.
She must decide whether or not she can
place her faith in him once again.

Does she? Of course. If she didn’t then
the story wouldn’t have strong romantic
elements; all true romances have to include
a happily ever after.

With every story there are good and bad
plot points. And your opinion of the story
may differ from mine. I thought she should
have taken him back once he was helping
everyone run for their lives. He was risking
his own life for theirs. Instead, they had her
wait until he shows up like a knight in
shining armor after conquering the most
vicious creature in their land.

On the other hand, there were several
scenes I thought were done well.
First, she is a strong heroine who ends
up saving him from the villain, proving
she is his match.

Next, when she sees him as a crippled
human, she accepts him for who he is. He
had already accepted her for who she is.
A great lesson for us all.

Until next week,
Happy Writing!
Tina LaVon


Donna Del Grosso said...

Nice blog- I loved Avatar! The stories... each of them... were woven together beautifully and the romance was believable,even if it did take place on another planet. I only saw the movie once and had forgotten the scene where she sees him as a human. (How could I?)
Guess i have to see it again.

Donna Hatch said...

I thought the romantic elements in Avatar were wonderful and the movie was beautifully done. Thanks for breaking it down for us.

Erin Quinn said...

Great blog! Tina. Nice job boiling it down!