Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Secret and The Dreaded Hows

Don't Worry About the Hows!

Since watching the DVD The Secret, repeatedly, some miraculous things have happened in my life. It appears that if I stay in an attitude of gratitude, which I admit is not always easy, and I know there is something I truly want, without much doubt, it comes my way. I have started out small and have been working towards bigger items and events I want to bring into my life. I had to grow as a person and realize I do deserve a life full of abundance in all areas before I could ask for more than just a parking place beside the cart return section of the grocery store.

Knowing there was truth to The Secret, I decided to do further research. Mike Dooley is one of my favorite speakers on the topic. he gives to others without the big push to sell that you often see. He says you have to stop worrying about how the universe will manifest or you block the magic (paraphrased). I recently discovered how true this is.

I knew I wanted a Netbook for my writing. I kept looking at them at Staples and knew I could usually get one for about $300, but didn't want to put that kind of purchase on my credit card. Around Christmas, I was checking one out again and I somehow knew to wait that it would come to me. In January, I noticed my credit card statement included a notation at the top regarding the number of reward points I had accumulated. I had never signed up for them, but it dawned on me that this could be the way I would get my Netbook.

I singed up and went to the site. Once there, I discovered the Nebooks would cost ten thousand more points than what I had. A bit disappointed, I decided to check out the gift cards. I found one listed for Staples, the exact store where I kept checking out the Netbooks.

You guessed it!
I had the exact amount of points needed to buy a Netbook with a Staples gift card,

I felt like the universe (which to me includes God, the angels, etc.) had made the point of showing me that The Secret works. If i had the points for one of the laptops listed in the rewards site, then I could have concluded it was a coincidence. But because it came in the way of Staples gift cards and was the exact amount needed, it was much more than that to me.

If you have had any experiences using The Secret, especially when it comes to your writing, I would love to hear about them.

Until next week,
Happy Writing!
Tina LaVon


Laurie Schnebly Campbell said...

Wow, Tina, that's so cool! I remember back when you started working The Secret and how it seemed kind of nebulous...very rewarding to see such concrete results. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome Tina. I'm going to start putting out there the vibe for a new contract with Steeple Hill. Signing with an agent, and of course walkgin across the stage at Nationals accepting my RITA;) Another wonderful post. Thanks.

Amber Scott said...

I love your story and your success with the secret! I have a somewhat similar story. I am a huge Blake Snyder fan and this fall, after learning of his sudden death, I vowed to get his final book in his Save the Cat series at that time unreleased. In December, I checked his website, found out about the logline contest, entered it, then won the very book I vowed to get. Then while reading the book, I got a flash of insight that led to my most recent screenplay idea. I think of this stuff as breadcrumbs we just need to start looking and asking for.
I hope you'll keep us posted on more of your secret experiences. I really enjoy them.