Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Secret Experiment


Those of you who follow this blog know I have been fascinated with the principal of The Law of Attraction as explained in the bestselling book/DVD The Secret. I have to admit I let life get in the way after the first few weeks of the experiment, which is so easy to do. When we are not clear on what we want, have doubts, or let our negative thoughts get in the way, then we block what we hope to achieve. This happened to me. Also, the opposite is true; if you hold onto wanting something too tight, you can push it away. What I am learning is you need to believe it is yours, or will be, and appreciate what you have now so you send out a positive frequency.

This past weekend, I got back to a state of pure happiness. I focused on enjoying the moment. Mike Dooley of The Secret says if you are happy, the Universe (insert your spiritual belief here) will send more of what makes you happy. I believe this to be true.

Saturday I went to The Gem Show with Rosie, my friend from college. This has become a bi-annual event and I always look for two things: 1) inexpensive, yet pretty beads for our beading parties. We like to get Chinese takeout, watch a movie, and make necklaces about four times a year. 2) Pendants for my silver chain. I found it to be more economical to buy a pendant than a new necklace. It’s also fun to hunt for the new pendant.

While at the show, I was in my “Happy Zone.” I was enjoying meeting some of the new vendors and spending the morning walking around with a friend. I believe this state of happiness is brought to me five pendants for a grand total of $12. The last time we went to this event, I didn’t find a single pendant I liked for a good price, so I was amazed by my good fortune. Also, I found smoky colored beads that I had admired on previous trips on sale for $1 a strand. I bought two to make a necklace. To make the trip even more of a success, we met a very nice vendor who was giving free beading classes. We discovered what we had been doing wrong in the past and we are now hopeful we can make stronger necklaces.

This morning, my good luck continued. Although I had a long list of things to do today, I took time to sit on my porch to enjoy the cool weather. While sipping my coffee I felt my whole body changing from a state of tension, to one of carefree bliss. I’m sure many thoughts went through my mind, but two were significant. First, I thought it would be nice to grow spices on my porch. Next, I decided I needed a plant to put on the side of the Roman tub in my condo. I have the condo up for sale and want something eye-catching in that room.

Still in my Happy Zone. I drove to Safeway. They happened to have plants out front this morning. Not something they do often. Among the flowers were pots filled with Basil and Parsley. Although I chose not to get any at this time, I appreciated that The Universe sent me the opportunity. Also, once inside, I spotted the most unusual tropical plant I had ever seen. Of course, the name was on the wrapping I threw away, but I took a picture of it for you. This was exactly the type of eye-catching plant I had mentally requested. To make the experience a perfect one, the sales woman in that department has this particular plant at home and told me how to take care of it. Although, I have a black thumb, I am determined to keep this one alive.

Now some of you might be thinking that these experiences were mere coincidences and that could be true. The way I see it is I now, thanks to The Secret, focus on trying to remain happy by being grateful for all that is good around me. I also notice the good that enters my life – more so than before. So…whether or not The Law of Attraction is real, I am leading a better life than two years ago. It doesn’t hurt anyone if you focus on the positive instead of the negative.

In my efforts to continue this experiment, I am going to strive to stay in my Happy Zone and believe that what I want is coming my way.

Until next week,
Happy Writing,
Tina LaVon


Donna Del Grosso said...

I've followed your postings about the Experiment since you began doing them. It's very cool how it all works. It's how you look at things that makes the difference. Your post reminded me that I wanted to share something with you. Last week while at work I came across a last name I recognized from over 23 years ago! "Hmmm?" I thought. "I wonder if that's Judy's son?" 3 hours later Judy called my office for a completely different matter.
Wierd, huh?

Alexis Walker said...

Hi Tina,

I completely agree with you. Listening to The Secret definitely gave me a new perspective on life. Sometimes it's the little things. You just have to watch for them.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time i have read about your experiment, but I have been following the Secret myself and of course life clouds my happy thoughts, but I do keep a crystal with me to remind of what I am grateful for- Now, for my experience with the Secret, I said I wanted checks in the mail, and the other day I received a $75 dollar gift card from Qwest to pay towards my bill or for any of their products, then my financial aid check came through... and I was yayyyy... more checks in the mail... I want more... I live with an attitude of gratitude everyday and look forward to receiving all the wishes the universe has to offer...OHHH... and if you truly like Mike Dooley, check his website can sign up to have the Universe send you uplifting messages through email Everyday... in case you are wondering TUT stands for totallly unique thoughts...Thoughts become things choose the good ones...

see ya later buddy... You fellow writer Liz M.

Tina LaVon said...

Donna, isn't it interesting how that happens? You think of someone and they call or write?

Alexis, it definately changes your life for the better. So glad you found that out.

Liz, thanks for sharing the TUT site. I need to do more of the "checks in the mail." I did find a CD that helped. I listen to it when I sleep. It's by Kelly Howell and its called, "The Secret of Attracting Wealth." I started listening to it and a relative gave me a large savings bond. Interesting...