Thursday, October 22, 2009

What makes you buy a book?

I was in the isle of Barnes and Noble and I started looking at the books on display and realized that when I buy a particular book, I usually have a good reason. Sometimes it’s just one factor that gets me to the cashier and at other times there’s more than one. Knowing the person is one of the first reasons, but what if I’ve bought those books and I’m looking for a new title? I look at the synopsis/back cover blurb. If that doesn’t grab me , I’m likely to put it back on the shelf unless it’s by an author that I know never disappoints. Like Lisa Kleypas or Teresa Medeiros. I know I have a winner when I have their latest book in hand.

Next on my check list is the quotes. I love quotes. I don’t know why. I guess if I think someone is excited about the book, then I should be, while the cover for me might get me to pick up the book, it doesn’t get me to shell out my dollars, especially how the economy is now.

If I know and love the author, the synopsis sounds fantastic, the cover blows my mind and there are quotes from a gazillion review sites and other authors, I’m in absolute heaven and running to the checkout stand. It's like a Calgon moment or finding a hidden stash of chocolate!

What about you? Vote for your reason on our latest poll and let us know, and if the reason isn’t there, tell us what was the reason you bought your last book.

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