Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Secret - Manifesting What Makes You Happy

Manifesting Using the Secret

Feeling Good vs. Specificity

After watching The Secret, I became intrigued by its principles and decided to do some more research. First, I listened to speeches given by Mike Dooley, one of the speakers in the film.

The Secret suggests creating a vision board and becoming specific about what you want. On the other hand, Dooley says this isn’t necessary. He believes staying in a happy state of mind will help you manifest all that you need. He states that the Universe already knows what will continue to make you happy

I wondered if both beliefs were true and began paying attention to how I manifested what I wanted.

One day I was in Barnes and Noble working on my book. I decided to take a break and wandered around a display table. When I glanced up at the end of a shelf, my eyes flickered with recognition. My own book, one printed with a small press, was hanging in a display at the end of the shelf. My pulse raced with excitement. I had been focusing on positive thoughts, staying happy, and the Universe did in fact bring me more of what would keep me in that state of mind. This was truly an unexpected event. I was participating in a book signing at this particular store a month from that date. Most booksellers in our area only bring out books the day of the signing. I had never seen them displayed a month in advance, especially those from small presses.

I hadn’t included this particular event on my vision board, but I was extremely glad it came my way. So…Mike Dooley may have been right. By staying happy, I might have manifested more of what would make me happy – in fact, ecstatic.

A few months later, I ran errands one day. First, I needed a new purse. I went to Kohls with a cash back coupon and decided I wanted to make a purchase that was under the value of the coupon. I had an idea of what I wanted, but not exactly. I looked around, but didn’t find anything. While standing at one display I took a moment to narrow down what I wanted. I decided my new purse should be black and brown since I wear those colors often. Needed a strap, a pocket for cash and cards, and an open area. I found what I wanted in 30 seconds after knowing EXACTLY what I wanted. Okay, this was interesting, especially since nothing had caught my eye earlier, but I wasn’t overly excited, just intrigued.

From there I went to Staples. As usual, I glanced at the planners. I have a love-hate relationship with them. Over the years, I have never found one that met all of my needs. I looked over the two isles for over 40 minutes. Finally, I stopped and thought about exactly what I would want if I could make my own. Burgundy notebook, a small calendar to put inside with room to write information, dividers for home, school, and writing, and also for paper. I found what I wanted in TWO seconds. I swear it was as if it dropped from the sky. A burgundy notebook sat on top of black ones that looked nothing like it. There wasn’t a matching one in sight and the sales person had to scan it to find the price. I was amazed.

So…after all of these events, I decided the best course of action is to be specific whenever possible, but also focus on the positive, stay in a happy state of mind and let the Universe surprise you with exciting new gifts.

Until next week,
Happy Writing!

Tina LaVon


Edie Ramer said...

I'm going shopping today, and will put myself in a happy mood and see what happens. I'm happy now!

Carrie Weaver said...

Interesting, Tina! I wonder if it works in finding Mr. Right, too?

Alexis Walker said...

I think being specific helps us focus our positive energy. It's like goal setting. If you have a goal to finish a book by the end of the year then you have a start. But if you decide how many pages a week you need to write and the time you will need for revisions then the chances are better that you'll reach it. But the overall goal is still motivating you IMHO :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Think happy thoughts and visualize winning the RITA:) Anotehr great post Tina.

Carol Webb said...

I don't think you can go wrong by focusing on getting to a happy place. I know I'm always more attracted to people with a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eyes. :) And if for some reason egg lands on your face, you're far more likely to laugh at the life's little jokes instead of becoming a victim of circumstances.

Great post Tina.

Tina LaVon said...

Thanks, ladies. Interesting thoughts.

Well, Carrie. I think all of us single ladies wouldn't be wasting our time if we kept happy thoughts and focused on receiving what we specically wanted in a man. At least we'll have fun while waiting. :) I had two men take double takes at me this past week and it was mainly because I was happy. Okay, the cleavage probably helped. LOL