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Saturday, February 21, 2009 - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

In the Northwest Valley, at Union Hills and 47th Avenue
(exact address and directions given upon registration)

Time for good resolutions, and what better way to start the year than to give your career a boost by getting published in 2009.

Whether you are finishing a book, or have written two or three, if you are still looking for a publisher, you are not alone. Or maybe you lost your publisher. But even in this tight economy, there is some good news... There has never been so many opportunities for a writer to get published. No kidding!

But some ways of getting published are more lucrative than others, and some can prove lethal to your career. Which one is best suited for your book? Which can endanger your future? What's the story about POD? And what about MP3 audiobooks? How far can you trust a small press? Where do you sell novellas? Are print books on the decline? Are e-books finally viable? And what can you expect from your publisher as far as marketing? Does self-publishing still carry a stigma? Should you be worried about the large publishers buying off the competition? And what's the deal with partnership publishing? Subsidy publishing? Do you really need an agent? How important is it to be on Amazon? And who controls the all important distribution?

Come and learn the pros and cons of each opportunity and make the right choice for your particular book, your particular field, your particular genre, considering where you are in your career right now, to get happily published in 2009.

Get all your questions answered. This is a small group, so space is limited, but everyone will get personal attention.

Registration fee: $70.00 (early bird $60.00 before February 1st, 2008)
includes morning coffee, rolls, working lunch, and professional critique.
Credit cards and payments accepted through Paypal.

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