Monday, December 15, 2008

"Don't Worry. Be Happy." Final Week

I hope you are feeling the holiday spirit taking hold.

These past few weeks I have shared my belief that staying in a happy state of mind is important not only for your life, but also for those you love, and for your creative energy.

This is the final week I’m going to share what I have done to remain in a happy state.
If I don’t get ready for Christmas, my loved ones won’t be happy with me.

This week was all about letting your hair down with friends. Okay, it was about ME letting MY hair down. Sometimes naughty Tina needs to come out and play.

This was party week. There are some social gatherings where I must behave myself while I network. I am so thankful The Valley of The Sun RWA party was not one of those occasions. When I want to let loose and laugh I sit with my sister, my critique partner, and a few writing friends who will say anything and often do. The conversation went from strange to dirty in record time. Of course, I brought the Studs and Spurs calendar for the gift exchange. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like pictures of bare-chested men. Ho Ho Ho We noticed there are more husbands attending this party every year. I get a kick out of the way they first roll their eyes at us, then get interested in the conversation, and soon are joining in – sometimes from across the room.

If you are creeping up in years like I am, you'll notice you spend more time walking down memory lane. This past week was no exception. I meet with my good friend and critique partner, Deborah, every Monday. After discussing our manuscripts, we girl talk. This past week we reminisced about old flames. I couldn’t help, but smile. Some of my most embarrassing moments involved my high school boyfriend. He was intelligent, mature, and patient. I was na├»ve and often made stupid remarks. I don’t know how that poor guy put up with me for as long as he did. I would have dumped me after the first date. LOL I shared my most embarrassing stories with Deborah and soon we were laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. It’s funny how high school and college seem like yesterday.

Cassie Ryan and her husband both have December birthdays, so they throw a joint party every year. Of course, the conversation soon took over where it left off at the VOS party.
We decided men really should read romance novels – at least the good parts. LOL

I have to admit, at one moment during the week a sad thought tried to take hold. I played my favorite songs and danced it off. When Deborah is driving, she’ll say, “Control, Alt, Delete,” to shake off those thoughts. I’ll have to give that a try, too.

I hope you had a great week and remember to stay happy all year long!

Tina LaVon

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