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Make It Happen: Harnessing Your Inner Power to Break In (or Back In) the World of Publishing

Make It Happen: Harnessing Your Inner Power to Break In (or Back In) the World of Publishing
A Four-Week Online Workshop
Dates: September 1-30, 2008
Fee: $30
Deadline for payment: August 28, 2008
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By Christie Craig and Faye Hughes

Do you ever think it will never happen—that you’ll never reach your dream of getting “the call”, of really seeing your book on the bookshelves? Perhaps, you’ve made it in, but it’s been years since you’ve seen a new contract. If so, you’re not alone. Career slumps are a part of the business. But if you think there’s nothing you can do to make it happen, you’re wrong! Christie Craig and Faye Hughes, co-authors of the upcoming The Everything Guide to Writing Romance Novels and firm believers in the power to “Make It Happen” in their lives and careers, have developed a system that writers can use to reclaim their inner power, maximize their creative potential and turn those rejections into offers. In their four-week online workshop, they combine solid career advice and easy-to-duplicate techniques with humor, motivation and hope for authors who are beginning to wonder if giving up isn’t the best option for them.

With Craig’s twelve-year dry spell between her first romance novel and the sale of four books in one day, and Hughes’ nine-year period between her seven award-winning romance novels (two of which were optioned for TV movies) to the launching of her viable non-fiction career, these two ladies own the market in perseverance. In fact, senior romance buyer Sue Grimshaw of Borders Group, credits Craig’s perseverance with Borders’ decision to increase their initial order and placement of her December, 2007 Dorchester title. (It paid off, too! After landing on Bookscan’s Top Romance Buys list for its first two weeks of release, Christie’s book went out of stock, prompting Dorchester to order an immediate second printing.)

So, can their philosophy of Make It Happen really work for you? Absolutely! All it takes is a belief in yourself and a willingness to go for your dream. After all, both Craig and Hughes have had their share of “No’s”, from editors, agents and critique partners, but still soldiered on . . . and proved their critics wrong every time. Now it’s your turn.
Lecture Topics for Make It Happen
1. Self-Evaluation and following your own path.
2. Thinking outside the box.
3. Retaking Control. (Stop trying to control the things you can’t, and focus on the things you can do. )
4. Set the stage for success. (Because, ultimately, the only thing you can control is your response to adversity.)
5. Take Baby Steps. (Do one little thing every day to make it happen.)
6. ind a team partner.
7. Ignore the Fear
8. Know the difference between being driven and being obsessed. (Knowing when you’re running on empty and when it’s time to refill your soul with some TLC.)

PRESENTERS:Christie Craig, an Alabama native, is an award-winning, multi-published writer, multi-published photo journalist, motivational speaker, and writing teacher who is happily married to her prince charming. Her short non-fiction has appeared in several of the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL series, as well as in many national magazines. She recently achieved one of her dreams when she broke back into the fiction market after a long hiatus by selling four romance novels in one day. Her latest novel is DIVORCED, DESPERATE AND DELICIOUS from Dorchester LoveSpell.

Faye Hughes is the award-winning author of seven highly-acclaimed novels of romantic fiction published by Bantam, Zebra and Meteor. Single, she is still searching for her own prince after having kissed enough frogs to populate every pond in her home state of Mississippi. Two of her romance novels have been optioned for television movies, and she is crossing her fingers that a new sale is imminent.

Together, they are the co-authors of The Everything Guide to Writing a Romance Novel (Adams Media, September, 2008) and are popular presenters of humor-filled workshops about writing, romance and life in the south. Their joint website, www.WritewithUs.net, will be launching in early 2008.

Fee: $30Deadline for payment: August 28, 2008
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