Sunday, June 29, 2008

ABCs of Writing Fiction - Sections S and T

ABCs of Writing Fiction
Section S-T
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S – Series. Consider writing one. Remember the last time you fell in love with the characters in a book? You wanted/needed more. That’s why series are so successful. They keep your sales increasing. That’s the bottom line for publishers. Just make sure each book can stand alone as its own story so it doesn’t matter which one your new fans start with. Once they love your voice, they’ll buy your backlist.

T – Twists. Editors want “The same only different.” They often don’t want to take a risk on a book that is too different because it doesn’t have a proven market. They also don’t want the same old thing. If you’re writing romance, you know the girl will get the boy in the end, what you need to do is find interesting twists for your hook and that sagging middle. When I’m not sure what I want my heroine do next, I make a list. The first ten will most likely be ideas that are common. As the list gets longer, I find myself coming up with something interesting and exciting. Also, brainstorm with your critique partners or even friends and family. Sometimes, watching a series of movies jumpstarts my mind. Warning: make sure your twists are a natural result of the events, actions, and dialogue in your story. Coincidences are story killers.

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