Monday, May 5, 2008

The Neurotic Writer and The 27 Dresses

Welcome to Another Episode of The Neurotic Writer

Suzie Writer: “I can’t believe there’s a movie out with my book title.”

Therapist: “You published your book?”

Suzie Writer: “No. The book I was going to write is called The 27 Dresses.”

Therapist: “Cute movie. You were going to write a book about a woman who has 27 bridesmaid’s dresses?”

Suzie Writer: “My idea is better. She wears 27 different dresses on a single date.”

Therapist: (Creases brow in confusion.) “On top of each other?”

Suzie Writer: “Of course not. That would be silly.” (Rolls her eyes) “Editors want writers to Show, Don’t Tell, so I’ve come up with a brilliant idea. I’ve made my hero so hot, sweat pours off her every time she’s around him.”

Therapist: “So she has to change clothes 27 times?”

Suzie Writer: “See? Great idea, huh? She has to take a suitcase on every date.”

Therapist: “Can’t you call it The 26 Dresses?”

Suzie Writer: “No. It would ruin the series. The second book is called The 28 Negligees.

Therapist: “Let me guess. He’s extra hot in bed?”

Suzie Writer: “You’re catching on! The last book is called The 29 Halloween Costumes. It’s a thriller.”

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Anonymous said...

Egads, you crack me up.