Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Best Two Words

As a writer, my favorite two words are 'the end.'

As a reader.... Well, that's another post.

Writing for me is a struggle. A contest of my will and determination versus the desire to veg out and do nothing. To get the words right is like pulling teeth. That blinking cursor is a minion of the devil.

I know of writers who script their books and then write away.

I know of folks who write disconnected scenes then stitch them together into a book.

I know folks who type what they're thinking and edit the words into a book.

For me, writing is possession by the characters. The tell me to shut up and do what they say. That's difficult as I like to be in control of myself since I know I don't control anything else in the universe. So we battle across the sentences, paragraphs and pages. When I'm tired and give in, the process is smoother. Eventually, my appositionally defiant personality kicks in and the characters and I go back to grappling.

I've heard legends, that some folks pick up speed as they approach those two magic words. I'm  hoping I experience that before I see my first unicorn.

Until then, I'll continue on as I have been. After all, I still arrive at the same place.

The end:D

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