Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fun on Facebook

Coming up with a post every week is not always easy. When pondering what I should write this week, I remembered my sister-in-law "tagged" me on Facebook. She wrote 11 facts about herself and I was assigned 12. I decided I might as well kill two birds with one stone. (Who came up with that horrible saying?)

The key here is to come up with 12 facts everyone doesn't already know about me. Here we go....

1. I dated my husband in college. We broke up and reunited 30 years later on Facebook.
2. My grandmother's great-grandfather was a Cherokee born on The Trail of Tears.
3. I am a distant cousin to actors Patrick Swayzee, William Holden, and Tom Hulce.
4. After a year of working with Janelle, we discovered we are distant cousins.
5. I sat in the pilot's seat of an F-16 fighter jet when I was 19. I had danced with the pilot the night before,
    who strangely enough turned out to be a friend of my father.
6. When my daughter was four, I finally told her Republican father that I named her after Jacqueline
7. I published a romantic suspense novel and a short fractured fairy tale with a small press. My agent is
    shopping my mystery series.
8. I sat across the table from Debbie Macomber at a small gathering for dinner. Her book was turned into
    the mini-series Cedar Cove.
9. I mingled with Diana Gabledon at a mixer after she returned from her world book tour.
10. I broke a board with my foot in Karate class when I was about 30.
11. I broke my nose kickboxing the same year.
12. I was talked into being the emcee at a professional kickboxing/boxing match. "In the red corner..." I
      broke so many rules I thought they were going to drag me away from the mic.

Your assignment, if you are on Facebook, is to write 13 facts about yourself.

Until next week,
happy reading and writing.
Tina Swayzee McCright

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