Friday, September 6, 2013

Author Spotlight: Candice Stauffer, by Caris Roane

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Today, I'm spotlighting fellow Indie Romance Convention Author, Candice Stauffer!  We're both attending the convention in early October and look forward to seeing some of our wonderful fans there.  For more information:  INDIE ROMANCE CONVENTION!!!



I live in Zeeland, Michigan where half of the year is winter and the other, much shorter half, is summer. Yippy summer! It’s a wonderful place to live as long as you own a four wheel drive vehicle and you happen to get a kick out of measuring the snow fall in feet rather than inches.

I write paranormal romance because I love to explore and manipulate the limitless possibilities of the genre. To be completely honest, I’m also very fond of taking a totally hot, powerful immortal hero and using a strong, confident, beautiful heroine to turn his world upside down and make him fight like hell for a victory that seems impossible to achieve. Some might call it torture. I call it entertainment and character building. Regardless, it’s great fun!  read more...


Being a nearly invincible immortal warrior, Joseph Payne had never paid attention to time, but now time consumes his every thought because he is running out of it.

Fate is about to rip Mia Harte, the only woman he will ever love, out of his arms because she belongs to Eli Thomas, the relentless alpha male of one of the strongest lycan packs in the Pacific Northwest.
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...She rushed him and, with a burst of lycan strength, took him down onto the floor.
For a few seconds, she sat motionless, her gaze not once wavering from his. He’d never even imagined a more exquisite woman. From the moment he’d first taken her hand at the cemetery six months ago, she’d become as essential to him as the air he breathed. For many years he thought he would never find a love as strong and as pure as her love. Now, he couldn’t fathom a life without her. He never wanted to try.

Too afraid to move, to touch her, to do anything that might stop her, he kept his fists clenched as his sides. He watched. He waited. He hoped for more. The sight of her on top of him, looking down at him with so much love and lust in her eyes, stole his breath away. It was his perfect fantasy made reality. He’d never experienced anything nearly as glorious until she reached down to touch him.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at author Candice Stauffer and if you can join us at the Indie Romance Convention, we'll see you there!!!  more info...

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00040] Caris Roane is the author of thirteen paranormal novels.  Writing as Valerie King, she has published fifty novels and novellas in Regency Romance.  She has also launched her first contemporary romance, A SEDUCTIVE PROPOSITION.  Caris lives in Phoenix, Arizona, really doesn’t like scorpions, and has two cats, Gizzy and Sebastien.

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