Sunday, August 25, 2013

Remember When Writing Was Pure Enjoyment

Remember when you wrote just for the pure enjoyment of it?  Then came deadlines - self-imposed and not. Worrying over craft-  gotta get it perfect. Promo - she with the most Facebook friends wins. The voices in your head - "I have to write every day." "You need to get as many books out there as possible." If you're not careful, writing becomes work and the pleasure slips away.

Yesterday I rewrote the first scene in my next manuscript and fell back in love with writing. It was pure enjoyment. Just as good as savoring every bite of a sundae. My goal was to get into my character's head, while keeping in mind how I wanted my reader to feel. No matter how many deadlines we have, its important to keep the joy alive any way we can. It will show through in our novels.

Until next week,
happy reading and writing.
Tina Swayzee McCright

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Mary Tate Engels said...

Thanks Tina, for the reminder. Sometimes we forget the pure pleasure of writing.