Friday, April 12, 2013

SPOTLIGHTING: Holly Newman Regency Author

from Connie Flynn    
Today's spotlight is shining on my long-time friend, Regency author Holly Newman. She is among the best of the best, managing to stay true to Regency conventions while building complex and believable suspense plots that lift the books to a higher level. Like most authors these days, Holly has survived a tumultuous ride. Then she made some changes and life smoothed out. This is what she has to say about that. 

I thrive on the yin and yang of creativity and analytics — of art and science.

I am the author of seven historical novels (written under the pen name Holly Newman), I am a technical writer, I am a fused glass artist, I am a certified professional project manager in the Information Technology industry.

If I dwell too long in either creativity or analytics, in art or science, I become out of balance and irritable. I have found many people need this balance in their lives and I counsel people on achieving balance and what I call Unleashing Bliss.

I live in Phoenix Arizona with my partner, Ken, and six cats. My two daughters are settled and married and I’m a proud grandma of four.

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A lively match between a shrewish beauty and the suitor set to tame her.
Every bachelor in London sought the attentions of the beautiful Helene Monweithe. Unfortunately, pursuit was futile. Helene's father had decreed that she could not wed before her older sister, Elizabeth, wed. Considering Elizabeth's reputation as The Shrew of London, this was cause for alarm.

Then Justin, Viscount St. Ryne, asked for Elizabeth's hand in marriage. If her family wept for joy, Elizabeth shrieked in fury. But in her heart of hearts she acknowledged he resembled the hero of her closely guarded dreams.

Poor Elizabeth hadn't the faintest notion that St. Ryne had a curious plan designed to tame her, a plan that would tangle their hearts and would, in the face of unexpected interlopers and domestic scandal, teach both arrogant husband and quick-tempered wife a thing or two about love and marriage!

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They say "Love conquers all"
But with loves destroyed and lives damaged by vicious lies,
Will the Devil's Disciple and The Ice Witch share a love strong enough to conquer rumor's power?

Miss Jane Grantley, dubbed the "Ice Witch" for her cool green gaze that intimidated all but the most calculating of suitors, feared no man and scoffed at the many scheming designs on her virtue, swearing never to marry for any reason but love.

The Earl of Royce, the infamous "Devil's Disciple," was all that Jane loathed in a man. He was a rake, responsible for the ruin of innocent ladies -- if the countless rumors about him were to be believed. Jane planned to undo the rogue once and for all, but it appeared that Royce had plans of his own. The Devil's Disciple refused to live up to his name, instead playing the perfect gentleman until even the Ice Witch found her reserve melting.

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A husband murdered
A widow's ruse to find the killer
A nobleman's curiosity
Lead to a white slavery ring destroyed and a love found

A loving heart cannot be deceived

Although her marriage to Mr. Waddley had been passionless, the beautiful widow Cecilia vowed to unmask the man responsible for her husband's untimely demise. Suspecting that the culprit traveled in society circles, Cecilia diverted attention from her eavesdropping and prying with her constant and tiresome complaints of illness.

Sir James Branstoke saw through her feigned fragility. Intrigued by her odd behavior, he believed she was hiding a secret. At the same time, Cecilia sensed deeper emotions beneath Sir Branstoke's witty flirtations. Indeed, the only time Cecilia felt genuinely out-of-sorts was when she felt the gaze of his brown eyes ... and her pretended palpitations suddenly became all too real when Cecilia discovered a blissful and surprising love she had never known before ...

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Kimberly Richards said...

Hello Holly, Kim Richards form RWA way back in the day. Nice to see you again. I'll check out your books! :)