Sunday, December 2, 2012

Organizing Chargers

I am constantly looking for ideas to make my life easier. I don't have time to mess with stuff. Today, I came up with a better way of organizing my chargers.

I already label each charger so I know which device it belongs to. Once upon a time, I found a collection of chargers in my daughter's room and had no idea what do with them. I believe I eventually tossed them since she had long grown up and move out.

I had already been placing the chargers in the basket, but today I remembered I had a box organizer, which are plastic pieces that divide boxes. I bent them a little to fit into the basket and now each charger has its own place in the basket, so they no longer get tangled together. To hide the chargers, I place a fake plant on top of the basket. Now it looks like part of the decor.

Until next week, 
happy writing or
happy organizing!

Tina Swayzee McCright

1 comment:

Connie Flynn said...

Tina, you have way too much time on your hands. :-). Just teasing, I'm really envious because I never organize until I'm buried in my **ap.