Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Plotting... What that?

I would love to say I plot my story out from beginning to end, but alas, I don’t do anything like that. At least not with the book I’m currently working on. Usually I have some plotting points written out. Not this time.

I know I have to worry about the sagging middle, climax and resolution, but my focus is pretty much in developing the scene I’m in right now. I know there’s got to be action and conflict in each scene. I start letting the characters do their thing and shove obstacles at them they don’t expect. Most of the time I don’t’ know where they are going the week before. At other times, a character appears who I never planned, but 99 percent of the time I do find out the reason why they show up in the book. The other 1 percent, I realize that the character is dead weight and I pitch.

]I probably have to do more rewriting because I don’t have each scene or plot point mapped out, but that’s fine. Granted, I get really excited that I really don’t know where my story is going. Yes, I’ve got an idea someone is going to end up dead, my main character is going to grow from point A to point B, but I don’t know the how. At the same time, there’s periods where I do get a little panicky thinking what the heck am I doing flying by the seat of my pants. Then I get my trusted tape recorder from my smart phone and keep it by my pillow at night. Right before I fall asleep or when I’m just waking up, ideas hit me from my subconscious. And I’ve got my next scene. And yes, I’m one that writes all over the place. I’ll do a scene near the end, and then another near the middle and then move into the beginning the book, and from there who knows?

I’ve always liked a mystery, so being a panster works for me.

H. D. Thomson

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