Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Polish That Manuscript

Saturday, September 8, 2012
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
A full day of writers’ workshops
Northwest Valley (47th Ave. & Union Hills)

Small group where everyone gets personal attention.

In this competitive market more than ever, You want your prose to shine. Whether you submit your book to an editor, an agent, or intend to self-publish, it has to be perfect. Learn the tricks from an established author, so your book will impress agents, editors, reviewers, and readers alike.

A refresher on the no-nos you know... and those you don’t
 Each editor and agent has a list of no-nos, and they are not always what you think. I know a reviewer who throws the book across the room the first time she encounters one of them. Learn which habits or common mistakes will cost you the chance to get published or happily reviewed.

The words that weigh you down
Circumvent the words that weigh you down. They are insidious, ordinary, and often repetitive. They indicate a weakness in your writing, one you could remedy if you knew what it was. We all have them, and because that’s the way we write, we are not aware of them. Even if you self-publish, readers may not notice... but most reviewers will.

Tighten, tighten, tighten
 Learn the secrets of tightening the prose without losing the flavor. Learn to enhance it instead, whatever your style.

Characters, Motivation, Conflict
Often upon editing, you’ll discover that one character is missing something. His/her voice is not as unique or as crisp as it should be. His/her motivations are unclear. Learn to refine your characterization as you polish your manuscript. I often received rave reviews about a character trait I added as an afterthought upon polishing.

Hooks - Cliffhangers - Pacing
 Do you have all your hooks in the right places? Does the pace make us turn the page? Time for a last check.

$70.00 per person – limited seating
$60.00 before August 10 (early bird)
Register by mail or online. All cards accepted through PayPal


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