Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life or something like it

Sometimes I feel like I live in a revolving door.  You know the kind in the cartoons that spins so fast everything is a blur?  It's a constant game of juggling the family, the day job, the writing career, school and volunteering.  I think I'm missing the "no" gene.  I can't seem to find that word in my vocabulary when someone asks for help or volunteers. 

This month has been especially crazy with a book proposal due, finals looming in the near future, company and birthdays. 

Anyone out there feel like their crazy life is running the show instead of the other way around?  What do you do to stop the insanity?


Chrisbails said...

Sometimes you have to just sit down and take a break. Turn off the television, the radio, and get away from everyone. Just some nice quite alone time.
I like all quite, find a nice spot, and pick up a good book. A little quite time, usually calms me down.

Caris said...

I think it's a sign of the 'writing-times' that we're all caught in right now. It used to be that once you signed a contract with a publisher, you wrote and edited and did your revisions, turned in your book and you were done! Simple.

But everything has changed which has doubled and tripled an author's workload. We don't just write, we blog, we keep up our websites, we FB, and we Tweet, never mind Goodreads, Shelfari and the latest opportunities that pop up all the time.

Add self-publishing to that and there ya go...we're all out of our minds busy as we try to keep up with the changing world of publishing.

As for stopping to smell the roses, more like stopping to smell the Kleenex fragrance, from the box by my writing computer! LOL! But last Saturday night I found all my work was done and I had two hours to myself. I couldn't relax. I was sure I'd forgotten something! But no...

It's great to be busy. I'm sure next month will be easier for you.