Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Winters's Over Yay!
Hi, everyone. Sorry to be so late filling you in on what mom and I’ve been doing, but it’s been a wild couple of months. The weather here in February was crazy. We got snow...lots of snow. I know, I know, you got snow where you live, too, but hey, we’re down on the eastern shore of Virginia. We’re supposed to be protected by water on both sides. Of course, every once in a while a storm gets crazy and heads our way. This year, we got the biggest and longest lasting snow mom and the gang have had since we moved here.

Buckley and Belle as small, so they could walk on top of the snow, but Sasha, well she just sunk in and stayed put. Mom didn’t get angry, because she knew Sasha was raised in a crate and that was probably her first time dealing with the big white flakes, so she and dad were patient, trying to teach her what to do in the snow.

The beginning of March was busy, too. Mom and her sis, Nancy, headed out to the Hamptons to do research for boom FIVE in the dog walker series. They stayed in the Montauk Manor and drove around for two days, searching for the celebs and their houses. They got a glimpse of the homes of Martha Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Joel, and Christie Brinkley. They even saw that sleazeball Bernie Madoff’s house, which gave mom the inspiration for the home featured in book five. And they had a true taste of living in the Hamptons, which is quite a snazzy place.

We didn’t see many dogs, but Montauk Manor is pet friendly, so check them out if you ever decide to go ‘out east’ on Long Island. And don’t forget about book FOUR, BEGGING FOR TROUBLE , due out in March of 2011. This is a totally fun story about the world of cross-dressers. Can you figure out who the star of the book will be, beside me, of course?

Keep thinking. If you’re a loyal reader, you’ll figure it out. For now, add DEATH IN SHOW to your reading list. You can order it on Amazon right now, and they’ll ship it out first day it’s available.

Me? I’m scheduled to go for a walk with a couple friends I met up here, like Teddy and Big Bear. We’re lookin’ for new trees to um...well, you know what dogs need trees for, don’t’cha?

And if you get a free minute, drop mom a line. She still misses me somethin’ fierce, still cries every day because I’m not with her, too. But she knows I’m there next to her as she writes MY stories. That will never change.

Talk to you all soon,

The Rudster

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